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Reflexology - £50 Approx 1hr                     

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy in which pressure is applied to 'reflex' points on the feet. The pressure applied stimulates the body's own healing process to re-balance and restore.  Reflexology will boost the body's immune system, stimulate the circulation and improve the elimination of waste products from our body. It enables the body to to return to a state of natural balance in which it's own healing processes can work most efficiently.


Aromatherapy Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage  - £50 Approx 1hr     

Let your stresses and strains melt away with this aromatherapy massage experience. Aromatherapy oils can enhance physical and emotional well being and promote positive feelings. Following consultation, carefully selected oils will be chosen for use during your treatment to de-stress, uplift or calm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Japanese Facial Massage - £40 Approx 30mins

A rejuvenating face massage which combines the therapeutic and healing benefits from eastern and western massage to give you a natural ‘face-lift’. You will feel rejuvenated as your facial muscles become revitalised, nourished and toned leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and radiating a healthy complexion. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, this facial can also be beneficial to those who have facial paralysis or limited facial movement.


Indian Head Massage - £40 Approx 30mins              

A deeply calming and relaxing ancient Indian massage technique to treat the upper back and shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. An Indian head massage stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your upper body, and can be helpful to clear your sinuses, relieve stress and aid restful sleep. 


Nurture Share Days - Please get in touch for more information.

Why bother going to a Spa when the experience can come to you?

Nurture and Shine have affiliations with a wide range of professional therapist who would love to create a bespoke pampering and healing experience for your group. Whether it’s in celebration of a special occasion; a birthday, a baby shower, a hen do or just an excuse to get together with your favourite people, we can create a magical day for you. We can bring it all to you in your own home or arrange an amazing space in the beautiful Cotswolds for your group.