Finding the right Therapist is important for your healing
so please take a look at what some of my past clients experienced so you can understand more about my work and how I can help you with your healing journey. 

The best investment in myself I have ever made! Suzannah has had a transformation effect on my outlook, my self confidence and my ability to handle stress. I am now seeing tangible positive change as a result.

If you are considering working with Suzannah I recommend it wholeheartedly.


 I just can’t thank you enough. Something that was eating me up. Consuming hours of my thoughts and what was making me so physically ill has really released. I found the session really powerful and a real turning point/ letting go. (I honestly thought I would carry this anger forever) 

The recordings then really felt like wringing out any residue left in my body and the daily practise meant I couldn’t allow my thoughts to go far/negative because there was the constant reminder to let go. 

I can’t tell you how much lighter I feel. How much more I want to move my body and eat well because I haven’t got this weight. This week for the first time I really feel like myself again

I have so much more confidence in my body's own ability to heal. I am mentally so much better 

Thank you thank you thank you!!

You really are amazing and I’d recommend you to anyone/think everyone should do it. 



I am so grateful that I met Suzannah - initially through sessions of Reflexology which was the most powerful experience I have ever had and also through RTT which has helped me deal with my past and am now embracing the future with new-found confidence and acceptance.
Suzannah is so calming and I felt so relaxed in her company enough to be able to share and be very vulnerable to enable me to open up about my past and deal with negative feelings that were having a negative effect on my life. I have now been able to let go and feel more confident about myself and ready to embrace change and what the future has in store for me.


I requested an RTT session with Suzannah, due to having feelings of self-doubt and anxiety around my capabilities.
Following the session, my inner fear was released and my hesitation and doubt in tasks at work had dispersed, feeling an overall calmness I had not experienced before. During the 21 day recordings, I noticed subtle changes within my feelings. Being able to re set myself if I did experience moments of self doubt, feeling comfortable to trust my own decisions.
The biggest change has been the feeling of excitement for the future, letting go of any past challenges and anxiety, ready to confidently work towards my goals. Throughout the therapy, Suzannah has conducted each session with absolute professionalism and empathy. Guiding me to find the source of my lack of confidence and supporting me to gain a deeper understanding. I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to let go of past negative emotions. I have recommended RTT with Suzannah to friends and family.


I had a RTT session with Suzannah to help me improve my confidence levels. I felt I lack confidence in talking to people, speaking up, being assertive enough (at work and private life). Suzannah was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I had an introductory session that lasted for about 30 mins (in addition to a detailed questionnaire I had to fill prior to that) to unearth the cause of my issues. She was so reassuring and knowledgable too. The RTT session itself lasted over 1.30mins, I felt safe and in good hands. Suzannah then recorded a voice message I had the opportunity to listen for 21 days (lovely pleasant voice, I assure you!). After the RTT session I also had two follow up calls to ensure I'm on track. The results I achieved were truly amazing - I care much less now what people think about me and I find myself to be a lot more ballsy! :-) I would highly recommend Suzannah as a RTT practitioner, because she really does care for her clients.


Following a rather bad experience on an airplane a few years ago I have felt extremely uncomfortable at the thought of flying again, experiencing severe anxiety and the accompanying physical and psychological effects. Suzannah was marvellous; very warm, approachable, understanding and engaging, and I found our RTT session had a noticeable impact on my thought process almost immediately. I have listened to the recording Suzannah gave me and have been very impressed with the impact on how I feel - not only about flying, but also other stressful situations in my life. Thank you very much!


Suzannah is a warm, attentive and effective therapist who provided a nurturing experience from start to finish. I had heard great things about RTT so wanted to give it a try. Suzannah’s passion for her work shines through. She took time to listen carefully to my needs, and to explain the process and the commitment required from me, before creating a tailored solution which she delivered with patience and genuine care. She checked in on my progress throughout and I’m really pleased with the impact it has had.
Thank you Suzannah!


The initial session uncovered many feelings and emotions that I had been harboring for many years. The hypnotherapy alone was enough to create a shift in  my mind and my life. I was able to have insight that I had never experienced before. I was able to say things I was not able to before, even though they were difficult.
The initial session allowed me to begin a healing process from a toxic and hurtful relationship. I did not believe I would ever be able to experience healing from this as the ability for conversation is no longer possible. However, the hypnotherapy session allowed me to realize I can heal from this on my own and I can gain my own sense of closure.

This gave me a huge sense of empowerment, freedom, and relief.
The kindness and compassion that was provided by NS enabled me to completely relax, let go and experience my deepest insecurities, and deep subconscious thoughts. I did not feel judged, nor embarrassed or anxious at all during my sessions.
NS created a warm, calming, relaxing and peaceful environment despite the session being on Zoom!
It was truly amazing, thank you.


Where to start: I have been on such a journey in the gorgeous Zen nest with Suzannah - I have now got the most special memories to hold onto in the years to come and could not recommend Suzannah as a therapist enough. It is like stepping into a slice of heaven and having some essential ‘me’ time. Suzannah really tunes in and helps you relax into a hypnosis - I honestly will forever now be visiting the nest regularly, I truly believe it’s changed me for the better and now can completely appreciate the need to ensure I save this time for me. Reflexology is incredible, I started my journey when pregnant and will continue to go as long as I am able. Susannah completely puts you at ease and is incredible, I honestly cannot recommend enough!!!


Suzannah was very approachable and understanding, explaining the RTT process thoroughly beforehand. I found my session enlightening as past experiences surfaced that I hadn’t expected to. I left feeling calmer, and this sense of calm and positivity increased day by day as I listened to my recording. I believe my claustrophobia fear has improved and will continue to do so, along with  a general sense of less anxiety in everyday life. I recommend RTT to anyone looking to change their mindset and bring more happiness to their life.