'The MIND and BODY are not separate.

What affects one, affects the other'

Nurture & Shine has been created by Licensed RTT® Therapist,

Certified Hypnotherapist and Reflexologist Suzannah Mabon.

Born out of the belief that through our own self-nurture of both

MIND & BODY, we can shine at our brightest & be the very best version of ourselves.






Our mental & physical health is the greatest gift we have so why wouldn't we take the very best care of it? Our own self care is vital for well being & to counter the negative effects of the ongoing stresses in our everyday lives.
Your well being starts with self nurture, investing in yourself so you can shine brightly, caring for yourself & others.


Nurture & Shine want to help you to restore your mind and body to optimum health. Often it is necessary to revisit the learned behaviors and limiting beliefs that we have built our habit of thought upon in order to unblock and find freedom from physical ailments.

Our mind is an incredibly powerful healing tool if directed correctly & so by,  using RTT® in combination with relaxing and re-balancing 

Reflexology we create the best possible healing experience.


Do you know you have more to offer but feel held back by limiting physical ailments or negative behaviors? Nurture & Shine believe we can all live our best lives by letting go of negative thoughts & re-wiring new positive thought patterns. Investing in our mental & physical well being can set you free to be well & shine brightly!

Most of us have family and friends that depend on us being well. When we are at optimum health both mentally and physically we can be the inspiration to help others.
Your self-nurture is self-less..in fact it would be selfish NOT to be the best we can be, shining at our brightest!

Letting go of negative thoughts & emotions using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®)

hypnotherapy techniques along side healing Reflexology has a profound effect on our

mental & physical health allowing us the freedom to shine in our own unique & perfect way.