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The Human body is a remarkable creation of nature. It has evolved over millions of years and has an astonishing ability to heal itself, procreate and survive on this planet.

In order to heal, we need our bodies to relax and de-stress. We need to be in a state of rest and digest.

Reflexology is not only a deeply relaxing holistic therapy, it also stimulates the body's own healing process. Pressure is applied to 'reflex' points on the feet which map all our anatomy. 

When the body is out of balance it is not healing itself efficiently.

The pressure applied during a Reflexology treatment will boost the body's immune system, stimulate the circulation and improve the elimination of waste products from our body.

It's like having a massage from the inside out. It enables the body to return to a state of natural balance in which its own healing processes can work most efficiently.


Suzannah’s healing hands have been a revelation. I had my doubts about reflexology but I am a total convert. It has helped my hormones, my mood and my hurty shoulder. If in doubt try it - I’m sure you won’t regret it

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 Do any of these sound familiar to you? 

✵ Stress, Depression

✵ Anxiety

✵ Headaches

✵ Insomnia

✵ Asthma


✵ Skin Conditions

✵ Menopause

✵ Infertility

✵ Chronic Fatigue or Pain

Suzannah is CNHC registered for reflexology and member of the AOR.

Initial Reflexology Treatment with Wellness Consultation -Approx. 90mins  - Your Investment £65

Subsequent Reflexology Treatments - Approx. 60mins - Your Investment £55

To initially re-balance your Mind & Body, a course of 6 weekly Reflexology treatments is recommended. 

When booked in advance, a course of 6 Reflexology Treatments - £300.00​

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