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A turbo charged Transformation....Leesa's story

Leesa could hardly look me in the eye when we first met.

She was suffering with crippling #anxiety and feelings of not being #enough; at work, in relationships, in fact in every area of her life.

Physically she presented with #digestivehealth problems, #backpain and #insomnia.

She was at her wits end but had made the decision she was no longer willing to live like this.

In reaching out to #Nurture&Shine, she had made the crucial first step to her #recovery ... often the hardest part - it requires great courage to take action towards change.

Following a consultation we decided on the 'MIND-BODY Transformation' Programme, a combination of #RTT and #Reflexology as the fastest and most powerful treatment to shift the mental and physical symptoms she was experiencing.

'I want to be free'

The clearer the picture of what you want your life to look like, the closer it comes to you.

As part of the RTT programme we ask that you imagine what your life will look like without the problem. What does freedom looks like to you: How will you feel? What will you be doing, hearing and seeing? In doing this we begin a manifestation process.

The hypnosis during the RTT, then allows you to understand and break free of limiting behaviors and learned belief that can hold you back and have detrimental effects on your MIND-BODY health.

During the RTT session, Leesa was able to revisit key experiences from her past from a safe and comfortable perspective during her session. Although some of the scenes were upsetting, she was able to review as if watching through a screen so felt perfectly safe.

Once she was able to understand the meaning she had associated with these events, she could let them go.

There was no longer any reason to seek approval from others.

She became a loving parent to herself, her own best friend.

She understood that she had not been flawed as she had thought, she had just developed coping mechanisms and survival techniques as a child.

She could now see what had happened to her as a child was not her fault.

She was able to let the physical pain and anxiety go.

She knew now that she was ENOUGH!

Once the beliefs has been understood, we could begin to re-wire and re-programme Leesa's incredible mind with positive affirmations and new beliefs about her self and her body. In hypnosis the mind is incredibly suggestible and will accept new beliefs and behaviors with ease.


The rebalancing and relaxing effects of reflexology allows your mind and body to return to homeostasis so it can heal.

Leesa visited #thenurturenest for weekly treatments alongside her RTT journey. She began to sleep through the night, felt calmer and happier. Her back pain improved.

As well as the physical benefits, the sessions also gave her to the opportunity to talk about and acknowledge the changes she was seeing along her journey.

The combination of RTT and Reflexology was turbo charging her recovery and the results were clear to see. It struck me how Leesa's posture had changed, she was so much more confident and energised... she was excited about her future!


Leesa was committed to her transformation.

She wanted it, she believed it and she listened religiously to her transformation recording every day for the next 30 days.

The results were phenomenal. She was now:

  • Sleeping through the night

  • Back pain was relieved

  • Anxiety that had been held in her gut causing digestive problems released

  • Empowered to leave a toxic relationship

  • Optimistic about the future

  • Attracting new fiends in line with her positive vibration

  • Given a promotion at work

I couldn't be prouder of her commitment and progress, but never for one moment doubted this woman's potential!

"Thank you Suzannah for everything you have done for me. I could never have imagined I would have transformed my life in such a short space of time. I have received so many compliments from others - I guess my new found inner belief is shining though. Thank you for believing in me. EVERYONE should have it!

If you can relate to Leesa's story or have other physical or mental challenges that are preventing you from living well and happy, get in touch for a free chat with Suzannah at Nurture & Shine.

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