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Hot Flushes and Interrupted Sleep....sound familiar?

The endocrine system is a brilliantly powerful and intricate balance of hormones.

During #perimenopause and #menopause, our hormone balance changes which can lead to a long list of rather unpleasant symptoms including sleep disruptions, hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, osteoporosis, weight gain, bloating migraines to name but a few!

#Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment that can naturally support women throughout this period of life by re-balancing the delicate endocrine system and reducing the #stress hormones which have been proven to make symptoms worse.

Us ladies can spend half our life post menopause so lets make the transition a positive one!

Relaxation....ahh that's better!

I find it absolutely fascinating that studies have shown Eastern Agriculture environments where lifestyles are slower paced and largely surrounded by nature don't even acknowledge menopause as a 'thing'! More urban cultures in Western societies are in stark contrast as many of the symptoms are linked to the stresses of our busier lives. The deep #relaxation induced in a reflexology session will reduce stress and those harmful stress hormones. When adrenaline and cortisol are present in the body, the symptoms of menopause can worsen so it’s crucial you take time out to #relax

Press PAUSE....Its time to prioritise you!

Often as menopause comes upon us, we are already dealing with stresses in our lives; teenage kids, our babies may have fled the nest #emptynestsyndrome or aging parents.

Juggling all this on top of raging hormones can push you to your limits so it really is a time to look after you so you can enter a new phase of your life positively #positiveaging

RELAXATION - Build in at least 20mins of relaxation every day

SLEEP - Prepare a bedtime routine to get a good nights sleep

DIET - Cut out caffeine and sugar and eat a #plantbased diet

EXERCISE - Exercise daily to boost serotonin and endorphins #happyhormones

PURPOSE - Find your purpose and live your dreams. What do you wish for?

Its a time to pause, prioritise yourself and live your dreams....Get in touch here to book your Reflexology treatment or arrange a chat to find out how RTT #hypnotherapy techniques can ease the transitional period all women go through and make your experience a positive one 💛

Put your Feet Up!

More than ever, now's the time to implement that #selfcare

Come and put your feet up in THE NURTURE NEST. Woodstock's zen den for self care and healing.

Use the link below to book

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