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Breath : A Therapeutic Journey

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

I don't know about you, but I have always found the phrase 'Breath Work' a bit off putting.

I thought I had been breathing my whole life already. We can all breathe right? Breath 'Work' makes it sound difficult. If we didn't instinctively know how to breathe, wouldn't we all be dead!?

I thought I was pretty in tune with my breath having meditated for 100's if not 1000's of hours throughout my #personalgrowth journey so far. I have spent years practising what it is to be mindful, taking notice of my breath and even shared all my learnings with my clients. It all seemed to be going very well indeed...

Last year I was playing around with my #breath more and more. The algorithms of social media led me deeper into curiosity. I learned and practised new techniques with my clients and realised how the simplicity of a few breath sequences made a powerful difference to our physiology and stressed emotional states. I devoured James Nestors' #Breathe , and the fascinating and insightful #PhysicalIntelligence book by Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton which highlights the connection between our physiology and our hormonal balance. I learned from the incredible #wimhoffmethod and I incorperated breathing into my #RTT programme and mentoring sessions. It all seemed very organic and I was loving it.

By the end of the year I was hearing myself telling people I was going to do a breath work Instructors course. That was it. It was out there. Energy was in motion.

My New Years Intention was gathering gathering momentum fast.

I signed up for the #SOMAbreath

'21 Day Awakening challenge'.

WOW, what an awesome experience.

This is meditation on steroids. A natural psychedelic euphoria, breathing to beats reminiscent of our tribal ancestors ceremonies... and a flash back to the ecstasy of my raving days all at the same time!

All this completely naturally, with an endless list of #MINDBODY health benefits and #subconscious awareness backed by #neuroscience.

I knew before I knew, that this was going to be life changing and something BIG for the progression of Nurture & Shine.

At the time of writing this, I am only on week 2 on the 21 Day Journey, but I have already made the leap to sign up for the full SOMA breath Instructor Training and #TransformationalCoach Journey!

Suddenly I feel as though any remnants of fear have been replaced by courage....... to truly follow my heart and help as many others as I can awaken and heal from what ever is holding them back.

This is all beyond exciting and I am thrilled to be able to share this new healing #wisdom with my clients, in person, at gatherings and on retreats this year.

I hope to be offering my first beginners classes by the Spring.

If you're intrigued to give this a try, please do subscribe to my mailing list so I can keep you posted about future events and offers.

There are so many new golden nuggets of #wisdom that I am collecting that have changed the way I think about breathing and its effects on our health. I literally cannot wait for you to know this too. So allow me to share with you a few facts about how unconscious breath can be harming our #health and some small changes we can all make for a more #vitallife.

Breath with me


#1: Imagine your nostrils are in your belly

Inhale from your abdomen. It calms the nervous system activating the parasympathetic rest and digest state. Chest breathing actually stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and has the opposite effect! Place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly as you inhale and see which rises first. If it's your chest, try to swap that around expanding your belly and ribs on your inhale.

#2: Hello Nitric Oxide

Inhale through your nose. It's what it's for. It warms and filters the air and produces Nitric Oxide. A super compound for our cells that expands blood vessels and allows more blood to flow into the heart and other organs. It also acts as a signaling molecule between nerve cells and plays an important role in our immune system to helps it to fight infections.

#3: Breathe less, live longer.

There is a link between the number of breaths we take and our lifespan. When we breathe fast, it can lead to over oxygenated cells which can cause inflammation, chronic fatigue and degeneration of cells. We need more Carbon Dioxide to help the Oxygen get to where it needs to go in our bodies. Slowing down our breathing helps this process so our bodies can function more efficiently.

Friends, there is so much more to come.




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